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Unlimited internet in 50 countries

Tep Wireless has extended its reach to 17 more countries, offering global travellers unlimited, affordable internet access without the risk of running up extortionate mobile phone bills.

Tep Wireless’ coverage has now been increased so that users can remain connected starting from £4 a day when travelling to any one of the following countries: Brazil, the USA, South Africa, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Bahrain, Israel, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and UAE.

The Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania service from Tep is available to rent by country and is a complement to the existing European-wide service, which grants travellers uninterrupted service throughout Europe.

Whether they want to keep track of email, Facebook, Twitter or even stream music and video while travelling, Tep Wireless provides a much more cost-effective solution for travellers than established mobile carriers, putting an end to holiday horror stories about ‘bill shock’.

There’s no need to visit an internet cafe or pay for hotel wifi – users can connect to the web 24/7 via local 3G networks using their own computer, tablet or smartphone via the Tep Wireless pocket WiFi device.

Customers simply rent the device, get it delivered to them before they leave on their trip, and use it when abroad – avoiding the risk of being hit by an enormous bill when they get back home. Once the trip is over, they just pop the pocket WiFi device in the provided envelope and send it back to Tep Wireless.

Up to five internet-enabled devices can be connected to the pocket wifi which also tells you exactly how much data you’ve used in real time, so you’ll know if you’re getting close to your download limits. Users can choose to automatically top up their accounts when data is running low, or buy extra data in 1 GB chunks.

“Now that Tep covers more than 55 nations and territories worldwide there’s no reason to pay inflated roaming prices for internet access with limited usage while travelling abroad,” said Tomas Mendoza, Managing Director of Tep Wireless.

“With the additional coverage areas, we have increased data allowances to give consumers more of what they want, 24/7 connectivity. By offering the Tep Pocket wifi for rent in a specific country we are able to provide the best possible price for connectivity abroad.”

Pricing depends on the length of time the Tep Wireless pocket wifi device is rented for and the country the user is travelling to. The longer a customer rents the device, the more data is included and the cheaper it gets – see table below for new country pricing. There is also an unlimited option – perfect for those who want to stream videos and download music wherever they are – which costs an additional £4.95 per day.

For example, the price for a 15 day pocket wifi rental in any one of the 17 new countries will run to £55 with 2.5 GB of data included. Tep Wireless’ solution is much more cost-effective when compared to the International Data plans from Three and Vodafone, which will cost a customer £7,500 and £505 respectively for the same amount of data usage.

Add on Tep’s unlimited data plan for £4.95/day, for a 15 day trip, and total cost for unlimited mobile internet in any of the 17 countries offered will run to £129.25 or £8.62/day. So, for far less than Three, Vodafone or any other major UK network – see below below – customers can work, download or stream their way to more than 55 destinations with no data fears.

Mobile phone users in the UK face charges of around £6 per MB of data when travelling outside of the EU if they’re on O2’s network, and £8 per MB on Orange’s network. T-Mobile customers fare slightly better, with £10 buying 10MB, while Vodafone customers have to pay £15 per 5MB.

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport Selects Boingo Wireless As Exclusive Wi-Fi Provider

Visit Car Hire Assistant for a Quote!Boingo Wireless, Inc., the Wi-Fi industry’s leading provider of software and services worldwide, today announced that it has been chosen as exclusive Wi-Fi provider for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (BER). Boingo Wi-Fi services will be available timed to the airport’s opening on March 17, 2013.

Berlin Brandenburg passengers will be able to access basic complimentary Wi-Fi services or upgrade to premium service for higher bandwidth activities. This tiered service approach allows airports to serve the needs of both casual and power users while enabling ongoing investment in upgrades and expansion to support ever-increasing demand.

“Berlin Brandenburg Airport will offer its guests the most advanced amenities available,” said Ralf Kunkel of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. “Boingo Wireless will provide state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services that can expand to meet additional demand as the airport grows, and connectivity that our travelers can count on.”

“As the leading provider of airport Wi-Fi in Europe and around the globe, we have unparalleled experience in ensuring high-quality connections for all passengers,” said Bjorn Thorngren, director of EMEA for Boingo Wireless. “Our Wi-Fi services can help international tourists and business travelers avoid excessive data roaming charges, while resident travelers can stay productive or be entertained while en route to their destination.”

Basic complimentary Wi-Fi services will allow passengers to engage in activities including email, posting to social networking sites and streaming audio, for up to 30 minutes per day after authenticating their identity with a valid credit or debit card. Travelers can also access premium Boingo Wi-Fi, enabling the use of data intensive applications, video streaming and large file uploading, via any of the company’s Wi-Fi plans.

Wi-Fi access plans available to Berlin Brandenburg travelers will include Boingo Europe Plus, providing unlimited access at more than 200,000 hotspots throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for €27.95 per month, and Boingo Global, providing flat rate access anywhere in the world for €49 per month. Hourly and day passes will also be available for purchase.

The BER network will also be available to Boingo’s roaming and platform service partners, including Korea Telecom, LGU+, Orange France, NTT Communications, Skype, Telefonica, TeliaSonera and Verizon, which wholesale Wi-Fi access from Boingo and provide self-branded Wi-Fi to their customers as part of their existing services. The airport network may also be accessible to future regional and international roaming and platform service partners.

Commencing operations on March 17, 2013, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport will bring additional travelers to the German capital with 75 airlines serving passengers from 172 destinations in 50 countries in 2013, including 16 new destinations including Los Angeles, Marseille and Bologna. Built to accommodate future increases in international travel, the airport is designed to initially serve up to 27 million passengers per year and can be expanded gradually to host up to 45 million guests annually. Berlin-Brandenburg regional airports served more than 24 million passengers in 2011, and traveler traffic is projected to increase for the 10th year in a row.

Boingo Wireless is the world’s leading provider of Wi-Fi in airports. The Berlin Brandenburg airport joins Boingo’s portfolio of more than 60 airports worldwide, including London Heathrow, Chicago O’Hare, New York John F. Kennedy, Denver International, Beijing Capital International Airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International, Lisbon Portela and Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino.

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