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Brits continue to flock to Turkey

Turkey’s tourism sector continues to escape the global economic downturn, rising one place in the UN World Tourism Organisation’s ranking of top ten most frequented countries by tourist arrivals, making it the 6th most visited country in the world.

In addition Turkey continues to go from strength to strength as one of the most popular and affordable holiday destinations for the UK. Last year alone Turkey welcomed some 2.6 million British visitors and the UK remains the 3rd most significant incoming market for Turkey.

As of September 2012, the number of arrivals from the UK has already surpassed the two million mark.

Recently, The Post Office Travel Money’s 2012 holiday Costs Barometer revealed that falling prices in Turkey have meant that prices are now on par with 2008.

Speaking at a WTM press briefing, under-secretary for the Turkish ministry of culture and tourism, Ozgur Ozaslan, said: “Turkish tourism has registered remarkable and consistent growth over the past two decades.

“In 1980, Turkey received 1.2 million visitors, a figure which has increased more than 26-fold over the past 32 years, reaching 31.4 million visitors in 2011.

“International tourism receipts increased a spectacular 60-fold, placing Turkey ninth position in the world for international tourism receipts according to the UNWTO.

“Latest figures indicate that Turkey’s growth trajectory will continue on its upward trend which is even more remarkable given the global downturn; as of September 2012, the incoming travel volume had already surpassed 25.7 million, exceeding the number of arrivals during the same period in 2011.

“Our target for 2023, exactly 100 years since the founding of the Turkish Republic, will be to achieve at least 50 million visitors annually and become fifth in the world for international arrivals.”

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Istanbul Ataturk Airport Is The 8th Largest Airport In Europe

According to ACI’s (Airports Council International) report on airport performances 2010, Istanbul Ataturk Airport which has now become a transfer centre of the region, was amongst the top 20 with over 32 million passengers. According to numbers issued by ACI, Istanbul Atatürk Airport operated by TAV Airports, is the 8th largest airport in Europe and 37th in the world with over 32 million domestic and international passengers. It broke a record by ranking 19th with the amount of international passengers. The overall growth was recorded as 7.7 percent. Securing the 42th place in cargo, Ataturk Airport advanced to 46th place in the total number of flights.

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Tourist Arrivals in Turkey to Top 33 Million by 2012-RNCOS

Global research pioneer RNCOS has conceptually analyzed the potentials and future prospects of Turkey’s tourism industry in its latest research offering “Turkey Tourism Industry Forecast to 2012”. A careful analysis performed for all prominent industry segments exhibits that tourism in Turkey is a fast growing industry. Although the industry was slightly affected by the negative impacts of economic slowdown, an inevitable recovery is expected in 2010.

In our research, we have acknowledged several critical trends prevailing in the tourism industry, influencing its current as well as future direction. The report reveals that Germany, Russia and UK currently dominate the international tourist arrivals in Turkey. In 2008, these three countries together accounted for around 36.4% of overall tourist arrivals in the country. We expect this trend to continue in coming years also and Turkey’s strategic location will prove highly beneficial for rapid developments in the tourism industry.

In addition, some of the entirely new tourism concepts in the country are luring international tourists from all around the world. Health tourism, yacht tourism, golf tourism, cultural tourism, etc. have not only boosted the number of tourist arrivals but also amplified the tourism receipts in the country. The diversity in tourism formats has made Turkey a unique tourism destination, positioning the country as a tourism hub in entire gulf and EU region.

On the outbound tourism front, the country saw international departures almost doubling during 2002-2008. The relaxation granted by the government in the tourist outflows restrictions have resulted in an all-around outbound tourism development. We anticipate international tourist departure from the country to witness a moderate CAGR during 2010-2012 owing to some critical factors that have been thoroughly discussed in the report.

“Turkey Tourism Industry Forecast to 2012” provides comprehensive analysis and result-oriented evaluation of Turkey’s tourism industry. The profound study of all the important segments, including inbound tourism, outbound tourism, expenditure by inbound tourists, medical tourism, hotel industry, etc., will help clients in gauging the opportunities for their success in the industry. The report also provides an insight of key players operating in the tourism industry in order to facilitate a complete market understanding.

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British nationals require a visa to enter Turkey

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office have issued the following advice for British Nationals intending to travel to Turkey.

British nationals require a visa to enter Turkey, except cruise ship passengers entering the country for a day trip and returning to the ship the same day. British citizens may obtain a multiple entry visitor’s visa, valid for 90 days, at the port of entry on payment of £10 in cash (Scottish currency is not accepted). Visas can also be obtained in advance from the Turkish Consulate in London.

Turkish visit visas issued at arrival ports state that they are valid for multiple stays up to a maximum of 90 days in a 180 day period.

Up to 31 January 2012, the Turkish immigration authorities operated a flexible interpretation of this requirement whereby visitors could leave after 90 days, and immediately re-enter for a further 90 day period. However, from 1 February 2012 the rules will be fully enforced, and you will only be able to stay in Turkey for a total of 90 days in any period of 180 days.

If you plan to remain in Turkey for a period of more than 90 days, you should either apply for a longer stay visa from the Turkish Embassy in your country of residence before departure, or regularise your stay by obtaining a residence permit from the local authorities in Turkey before 90 days has elapsed. Those who exceed the 90 day limit may be fined, deported and banned from re-entry.

If you are entering Turkey via the Bulgarian border crossing, make sure that your passport has a dated entry stamp before you leave the border crossing area. Some British nationals have obtained a visa but not had their passport stamped. In some cases, this has resulted in detention and later deportation for illegal entry.

British Nationals: For more information on this subject visit the FCO website:

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