Mexico experiences strong growth in Tourism

08 Oct

Mexican secretary of tourism, Gloria Guevara, has released the 6th government report on tourism, showing the destination has seen a 53% increase in investment in the market over the past 6 years.

This has been a crucial factor in Mexico experiencing the best year of tourism at any time in 2011, with 23.4 million international air arrivals documented.

The record chronicles a period of solid growth in tourism arrivals – both domestic and international – in addition to public and private sector investment in tourism over the past 6 years. Tourism, which makes up more than 9% of Mexico’s GDP, is a top priority.

The report details 5 key priorities, domestic tourism growth; international tourism growth; public tourism investment; private tourism investment and market diversification. Mexico has seen a 53.7% increase in private sector investment, from $12,833,000,000 pesos in 2001 to $20,200,000,000 pesos in 2012. Public sector investment has also seen a substantial improvement.

Between 2006 and 2011, the number of domestic and foreign tourists increased from 162 million to 191.5 million an increase of 18.2% and a record. The primary focus has been on diversification, focusing on consumers beyond the US and Canada in an effort to develop tourism to the region.

In terms of North American tourists, Mexico improved from 6,157,505 visitors in 2006 to 7,291,136 in 2011.

Guevara said that tourism, a corner stone of the Mexican economy, is truly a national priority.

The Government has forged a strategic alliance between legislators, bureaucrats, business, unions and academics, and thus established a solid basis to ensure the continued development of the industry.

Mexico aggressively pursued a market diversification strategy to reduce dependence on the United States market, attracting tourists from a wide range of other countries, including Brazil, China, Russia, Canada and Korea.

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