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26 Sep

Turkey has been recognised as the favoured holiday destination for Russian holidaymakers following research by IPK International ahead of ITB Berlin. On the other hand, when it comes to how often they visit the country this source market still has huge development potential.

In 2011, only 14 per cent of the 3.4 million holiday journeys undertaken by Russians to Turkey showed a 4th return visit or more, whilst the number of first-time visitors was 48 per cent. Some 37 per cent of Russians have previously visited Turkey on two or three occasions.

These are the latest conclusions of the World Travel Monitor, a special survey carried out by IPK International and commissioned by ITB Berlin. One of its objectives was to find out how often Russians, Germans and Britons selected a particular country for their holidays (excluding trips to relatives and friends).

Depending on how often they visited a destination travellers were divided into three categories: newcomers, explorers (first or second-time visitors) and regular guests (four or more visits).

Turkey is also a favourite with German holidaymakers.

In 2011, 1.5 million (41 per cent) of the 3.8 million holiday trips undertaken by Germans to Turkey represented a 4th visit or more.

Out of the 2.2 million trips taken by Britons to Turkey 31 per cent were trips by newcomers and 32 per cent trips by frequent guests respectively. Visits by “explorers” represented 38 per cent.

Commenting on the survey’s conclusions, Martin Buck, director of the Competence Center Travel & Logistics, Messe Berlin, said: “The number of times a country is visited is a very important sign of how popular a destination is.

“Holidaymakers who repeatedly travel to the same country are a measure of overall satisfaction with tourism services.

“In order to maintain that situation those destinations must constantly adapt to travellers’ needs.”

The results of ITB Berlin and IPK International also indicate that Germans are regular visitors to the Netherlands. Some 63 per cent of Germans’ trips to their neighbours represented a 4th visit or more.

Austria and Italy were ranked 2nd and 3rd amongst the nations that were regularly visited. Conversely, Germany is the preferred holiday location of Scandinavians, mainly of Norwegians. A total of 64 per cent of Norwegians are devotees of repeated visits to Germany. Amongst Danes this proportion is 55 per cent and among the Dutch it is 54 per cent.

France is highly ranked amongst Britons, 48 per cent of whom take their vacations just across the Channel. Russians also prefer to visit their neighbours. Some 50 per cent of Russians were identified as having taken their vacations 4 times or more in Ukraine, a former Soviet republic.

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